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International Awards

World Cheese Awards

This contest gathers around 3000 cheeses from all over the world. Each year about 250 experts evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of the participating cheeses, rewarding only those that stand out in flavor, texture and aroma within their respective category.

Our cheeses have been awarded 24 times:


• Cured Goat Cheese macerated in Wine – GOLD


• Semi-Cured Paprika Goats Cheese – BRONZE

• Oregano Cured Goats Cheese – SUPER GOLD

• Semi-Cured Smoked Goats Cheese – BRONZE

• Rosemary Cured Sheep Cheese – SILVER

• Semi-cured Cow Cheese – BRONZE

• Cured Cow  Cheese – BRONZE

• Cured Cheese. Mixed Goat/Sheep & aged rum – SILVER

• Cured Cheese. Mixed Goat/Sheep & Cinnamon – SILVER

• Goats Cheese Spreads – BRONZE


• Goats, Cow and Sheep Old Mixed Cheese – SILVER

Matured Goat and Cow Cheese – SILVER

• Smoked Semi-cured Goats Cheese – BRONZE

• Pepper Almogrote – BRONZE

• Cilantro Almogrote – BRONZE


Mature Paprika Goats Cheese – SILVER

• Semi-cured Goats Cheese with Gofio – BRONZE


• Smoked Semi-cured Goats Cheese – BRONZE

• Aged Goats Cheese Macerated in Wine – BRONZE

2013 and earlier

► 2013:

• Gofio Cured Goats Cheese – GOLD

► 2012:

• Cured Goast Cheese – BRONZE

• Smoked Semi-cured Goats Cheese – BRONZE

► 2011:

• Cured Goats Cheese with Paprika – BRONZE

► 2010:

• Semicured Smoked Goats Cheese – BRONZE

Global Cheese Awards


• Natural Goat Yoghurt – Gold
• Mature Goat, Sheep & Cow Cinnamon Cheese – Silver
• Traditional Semi-cured Goat Cheese – Bronze
• Naturally Smoked Semi-cured Goat Cheese – Bronze
• Unsalted Traditional Goat Butter – HC (Highly Commended)


• Cured Cow Cheese Cinnamon and Cocoa – Gold
• Cured Goats Cheese with Rum – Gold
• Unsalted Traditional Goat Butter – Gold
• Traditional Cured Goats Cheese – Silver
• Traditional Cured Sheep Cheese – Bronze
• Papaya and Mandarin Goat Yogurt – Bronze


• Salted Traditional Goats Butter – Bronze
• Unsalted Traditional Goats Butter – Silver
• Smoked Semicured Goats Cheese – Bronze
• Natural Goats Yogurt – Bronze

International Cheese Awards


• Oregano Goat Butter – Bronze


• Garlic Goat Butter – Silver
• Oregano Goat Butter – Bronze


• Traditional Goat Yogurt – Gold
• Garlic Goat Butter – Bronze
• Semi-cured Smoked Goat Cheese – Bronze

World Championship Cheese Contest

More than 3400 dairy products were entered in this well-known competition, held every two years in Madison (Wisconsin, United States), of which approximately one third come from outside the American continent. In spite of competing in a different market, the natural goat yoghurt from Quesería Montesdeoca was able to find a place among the three best yoghurts in the world. An achievement for our company and without a doubt a pride for the Canarian cheese sector.


• Natural Goats Yogurt – Bronze

National Awards

Gourmet Salon

Salón de Gourmets – A Quality Food and Drink Fair, is an event organised by the Gourmets Group, a pioneer in Spanish gastronomy, of an international nature and exclusively professional dedicated to high quality food and drink products.


• Smoked Semicured Goats Cheese – Bronze

(Third best smoked cheese in Spain)



Queso Semicurado Ahumado

Island Awards

PINOLERE - Tenerife Island Cheese Competition

The Montesdeoca Cheese Factory has been awarded in all the editions of the popular Tenerife’s Insular Cheese Contest, also known as Fair of Pinolere, from its first participation in 2013 winning the maximum award to Tenerife’s Best Cheese in the years 2014, 2018 and 2019.


• Goat & Cow Cured Cheese covered in Gofio – (Tenerife’s Best Cheese)

• Matured Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Silver

• Smoked Fresh Goats Cheese – Silver


• Mature Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Best Tenerife Cheese

• Goat & Sheep Cured Cheese – Gold

• Smoked Fresh Goats Cheese – Second Prize

• Semi-cured Goat Cheese Gofio – Second Prize

• Cured Goat Cheese Gofio – Second Prize


• Goat, Cow and Sheep Cured Cheese – Bronze

• Special Jury Distinction Pinolere 2017 – Natural Cured Goats Cheese


• Natural Cured Goats Cheese – Gold

• Semicured Goats Cheese Gofio – Gold


• Fresh Goats Cheese – Bronze

• Smoked Fresh Goats Cheese – Gold

• Matured Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Gold


• Matured Goats Cheese Gofio – Gold

• Matured Goats Cheese – Tenerife’s Best Cheese 2014


• Semi-cured Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Bronze


The Official Agrocanarian Cheese Competition has awarded the Montesdeoca Cheese Factory two gold medals and one silver medal in its last three editions.


• Matured Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Gold


• Cured Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Gold


• Semicured Goats Cheese covered in Gofio – Gold

Business Awards


– Abinque Award:

The XIV award Abinque to the Woman of Adeje was granted to Ángeles Nieves García Rodríguez, cheese maker and co-owner of the Artesanal Cheese Factory Montesdeoca, for being a clear example of an entrepreneur business women of the current rural Adeje in which modernity coexists with tradition.


– Tenerife Rural Prize for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas.

These awards recognize the trajectory of persons or entities that stand out for:

  • – Its contribution to the conservation of agricultural and livestock diversity.
  • – The maintenance of traditional agricultural practices of high environmental value.
  • – Its work in the recovery and conservation of the rural heritage linked to the agricultural activity of Tenerife.
  • – Its work in research, promotion and dissemination of our traditions and innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship in rural areas.


– European Quality Product U.P.R.

The quality products of the European Ultra Peripheral Regions, is a distinction of quality granted to those companies that comply with the demanding requirements of food quality imposed by the Canarian Institute of Agrifood Quality, organism in charge of controlling this commitment. At the same time, it helps to distinguish the goods produced in the Canary Islands from those imported to our islands.

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