Guided Tour for
School children

Montesdeoca Cheese Factory

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   "From the outskirts of Adeje, the Cheese Factory Montesdeoca invites you to share a unique experience.

Didactic and enjoyable activities.

The school visit is intended as an amusing excursion aimed at bringing the youngest children closer to the world of cheese and other dairy products. It is surprising how today some children point to supermarkets as a source of raw materials. This is not surprising, as they are used to visiting all kinds of shopping centres together with their parents. This visit is designed precisely to imprint on schoolchildren the memory of the most basic notions of the process of making cheese in a way that is as didactic as enjoyable. The children will have the opportunity to change the aisles of the supermarket for those of our cheese factory where they can learn through their five senses. They will have the opportunity, for example, to watch our master cheesemakers mould exquisite handmade cheese, which they will then have the opportunity to learn about in a fun blind tasting. 

Adapted to Children's Audiences

The guided tour for schoolchildren is designed with the youngest in mind. Examples of this are the use of a clear, flat and direct speech or the projection of a charming audiovisual made specifically for children.

Two Hour Tour

During their two-hour walk, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with both the farm and the different flavours and textures of some of our award-winning products.

Contact with Animals

You will be privileged witnesses to the daily work we do on the farm. During the visit you will have the opportunity to take the daily pulse of the farm living in first person a process of elaboration that includes from the care of the animals to the final obtaining of our dairy products.

Artisan Elaboration

During the tour you will have the opportunity to follow the steps of cheese making, observing how our master cheesemakers make it by hand before your very eyes.

Content of the Tour:

1- Presentation and trajectory of Montesdeoca Cheese Factory.

2- Panoramic view and brief notes on goats.

3- Visit to the cheese-making room to experience the production process on site.

4- Visit to the tasting room to observe the milking process, taste Montesdeoca products, watch an audiovisual and enjoy a blind tasting.

5. Breakfast

6- Walk through the corrals to enjoy the animals.

7- Visit to the nursery of baifos.

8- Free time and farewell.


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SCHEDULE (Hours subject to change)

9.30h - 9.40h: ARRIVAL TO THE FARM. Welcome, presentation and brief history of the dairy farm.

9.40h - 9.55h: CORRAL PANORAMIC VIEW. Notes on goats: main characteristics, routine, feeding, care, breeding process, etc.

 9.55h -10.10h: CHEESE PROCESSING ROOM. Notes on the cheese production process: milking, pasteurisation, curdling, cutting, draining, moulding, salting, ripening, packaging, labelling, sale and distribution.

10.10h - 10.50h: TASTING ROOM. Panoramic view of the milking parlour. Milking and transfer process. Children's Montesdeoca Cheese Factory Film. Review of the cheese making process. Tasting of different Montesdeoca cheeses. Blind tasting.

10.50h - 11.15h: BREAKFAST.

11.15h - 11.30h: Free Time and Goodbye

The children's approach to the rural environment is, in addition to a fun excursion to a dairy factory, a stimulating first-person experience loaded with values such as:

  • Experience first hand our livestock culture by seeing the hard work involved in making a humble cheese.  
  • Understand the important relationship between the food we eat and the animals from which the raw material comes.
  • Learn to treat the environment and the Canarian fauna with respect.