Come and meet our Tasting Room
and enjoy an exquisite Montesdeoca Cheese tasting

Visit the Montesdeoca Tasting Room in the south of Tenerife and fall in love with the subtle flavour and aroma of our handmade products. Delight your palate tasting our exquisite cheeses paired with good local wine.

What can you expect from the tasting?

Spend an hour in the culinary heaven of the Montesdeoca cheese tasting room. Enjoy a tasting of our delicious handmade products and discover our most awarded flavours paired with good provincial wine.

Delight your palate with the subtle smokey tone of our fresh and semi-cured smoked goat cheese. Enjoy one of the most intense Montesdeoca cheeses, our cured cheese from a mixture of goat, cow and sheep milk. Review from the hand of a master cheesemaker interesting notions of the art of tasting the subtle aromas and flavours of our cheeses.

Discover the world of cheese from the hand of a family business that has over 30 years of experience in the cheese industry with a business background that, through three generations of farmers, has led the Montesdeoca artisan products to win more than one dozen international awards.

 What will we do?

  • Observe handling of our goats and learn about their nature.
  • To live in situ the process of artisanal elaboration of the Montesdeoca cheese.
  • Discover the ins and outs of the world of cheese by walking through a dynamic company that combines traditional values with a modern spirit endorsed by its 41 international awards.
  • Learn from the hand of master cheesemakers while tasting cheese paired with good provincial wine. 

 Make a Different Event

We are looking forward to adapting Montesdeoca’s tasting experience to fit with your idea of a special event.

  • Celebrate your birthday attending an exclusive Tasting in the best company.
  • Get out of the routine and invite your co-workers for a different afternoon.
  • Do you have friends or family on vacation? What better experience than inviting them to taste some of the best artisan products of our land.
  • Do you have a special event in mind? We adapt to your ideas.

Each cheese tasting session lasts approximately one hour.

 What our customers say

Shane Melaugh
Congratulations to all who make this possible. Great job! Thank you for promoting our land with such a great product. Greetings!

Enrique Bermúdez Bethencourt

Shane Melaugh

Congratulations for all your good and hard work!

Pedro Arturo Padron Oliva

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