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The Cheese Factory

Meet the Family Business

Since 1984, Quesería Montesdeoca has continued to maintain the traditions and customs inherited from their ancestors, from one generation to another. We are motivated to share the authentic flavour, texture and aroma of carefully made goat cheese with the world!

Quesería Montesdeoca has received a total of 71 awards of which 46 are international: 1 in World Championship Cheese Contest 2018, 6 in International Cheese Awards, 15 in Global Cheese Awards and 24 in the World Cheese Awards, obtaining awards in all editions since its first participation in this contest in 2010.

At Salón de Gourmets national gastronomic fair in Madrid, Quesería Montesdeoca’s semi-cured smoked cheese was proclaimed Spain’s third best smoked cheese in 2017. Quesería Montesdeoca also has achieved 21 local awards in the Canary Islands and 3 corporate awards for its contribution to agriculture and rural tourism. 

Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca

Our History

The faces behind the award-winning goat cheese

The history and cheese journey for the Montesdeoca family began in 1984 on the island of La Palma, when Doña Ángeles Nieves García Rodríguez and her husband, Don Leoncio Jesús Montesdeoca Acosta, seized the moment as a young couple to start a new business – to produce goat cheese on a large scale.

With the help and experience of Don Leoncio Gregorio Montesdeoca, who since 1963 was dedicated to raising cattle, they started with a small goat farm and a cheese factory with milk from their own flock. It was not until 1993 when the small family business moved to Tenerife.

Fast forward to 2010, to witness the third generation, sons Alberto and Daniel Montesdeoca, take the reigns of the business. They have not only brought youth and a new surge of energy to the business but innovation and a diversification in the range of goat-milk products which now also includes butter.

Watch this space as more gourmet inspired products will soon be found on your kitchen table!

Our values

Taste the flavour of Tenerife

Through the range of goat cheese and butters at Quesería Montesdeoca, you can taste the daily effort of the farmer who comes early to feed and milk  the livestock. When tasting a Montesdeoca cheese you can trust in a high end product that will be a sensory experience. Whether you like your cheese fresh and creamy or more mature with a bite, our full range of cheese will make every slice a joy for your tastebuds. 

Our goat cheese is not soft like the popular goat cheese in France. Nor does it have a pungent smell or after taste. It can be softly flavoured by local ingredients such as gofio, wine or cactus fruit. 

The best way to find out what our cheese tastes is simply by tasting it. That’s why the doors of our goat farm and cheese shop are always open. Come and enjoy tasting our cheese in a cheese degustation, a farm visit or by visiting our cheese shop on the farm in Tijoco Bajo.

Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca

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Prizes and Awards

World Cheese Awards

Our products have already received 24 international distinctions in the prestigious World Cheese Awards:

       • Gold W.C.A. 2018 – Cured Goat Cheese Wine

       • Bronze W.C.A. 2017 – Cheese Semicured Goat Paprika

       • Súper Gold W.C.A. 2017 – Cured Goat Cheese Oregano

       • Bronze W.C.A. 2017 – Semi-soft Smoked Goat Cheese

       • Silver W.C.A 2017 – Cured Cheese Sheep Rosemary

       • Bronze W.C.A 2017 – Semi-cured Cow Cheese

       • Bronze W.C.A 2017 – Cured Cow Cheese

       • Silver W.C.A 2017 – Cured Cheese Mixed Ron Añejo

       • Silver W.C.A. 2017 – Cured Cheese Cinnamon Blend

       • Bronze W.C.A 2017 – Spreadable Goat Cheese

       • Bronze W.C.A. 2016 – Green Almogrote

• Bronze W.C.A 2016 – Red Almogrote

• Brone W.C.A 2016  – Smoked semi-cured goat cheese

• Silver W.C.A 2016 – Aged Goat and Cow Cheese Blend

• Silver W.C.A 2016 – Old cheese mix of Goat, Cow and Sheep

• Bronze W.C.A. 2015 – Semi-cured Cheese Gofio

• Silver W.C.A 2015 – Old Pimentón Cheese

• Bronze W.C.A. 2014 – Wine Macerado Añejo Cheese

• Bronze W.C.A 2014 – Smoked Cured Cheese

• Gold W.C.A. 2013 – Cured Cheese Gofio

• Bronze W.C.A. 2012 – Cured Goat Cheese

• Bronze W.C.A 2012 – Semi-cured Smoked Cheese

• Bronze W.C.A. 2011 – Cured Cheese Paprika

• Bronze W.C.A 2010 – Semi-cured Smoked Cheese

Global Cheese Awards

Our products already have 10 international distinctions in the prestigious international Global Cheese Awards competition:

– Gold G.C.A. 2018 – Cured Goat Cheese Cinnamon and Cocoa

– Gold G.C.A. 2018 – Cured Goat Cheese Ron

– Gold G.C.A. 2018 – Traditional Unsalted Goat Butter

– Silver G.C.A. 2018 – Traditional Cured Goat Cheese

– Bronze G.C.A. 2018 – Traditional Cured Sheep Cheese

– Bronze G.C.A. 2018 – Goat Yogurt with Papaya and Mandarin

– Bronze G.C.A. 2017 – Traditional Goat Butter with salt

– Silver G.C.A. 2017 – Unsalted Traditional Goat Butter

– Bronze G.C.A. 2017 – Smoked Semi-cured Goat Cheese

– Bronze G.C.A. 2017 – Natural Yogurt of Goat

Internacional Cheese Awards

Our products already have 6 distinctions in the International Cheese Awards contest:

       – Bronze I.C.A. 2019 – Goat Butter Oregano

       – Silver I.C.A. 2018 – Goat Butter Ajo

       – Bronze I.C.A. 2018 – Goat Butter Oregano

– Gold I.C.A. 2017 – Traditional goat yogurt

– Bronze I.C.A. 2017 – Goat Butter Ajo

– Bronze I.C.A. 2017- Smoked Semi-cured Goat Cheese

National Awards

Our semi-cured smoked cheese was recognized in 2017 as the third best smoked cheese in Spain in the national cheese contest Madrid Gourmet:

– Bronce Madrid Gourmet 2017 – Semi-cured Smoked Cheese (Third Best Smoked Cheese in Spain)

Insular Awards

We have been awarded several times at the Canarian Cheese Fair in Pinolere:

– Best Cheese of Tenerife 2019 – Cured Goat-Cow Cheese Gofio

– Silver Pinolere 2019 – Goat Cheese Añejo Gofio

– Silver Pinolere 2019 – Smoked Fresh Goat Cheese

– Best Tenerife Cheese 2018 – Goat Cheese Añejo Gofio

– Gold Pinolere 2018 – Goat and Sheep Cheese Mixture

– Accésit Pinolere 2018 – Smoked Fresh Goat Cheese

– Accésit Pinolere 2018 – Semi-cured Goat Cheese Gofio

– Accésit Pinolere 2018 – Cured Goat Cheese Gofio

– Special Jury Distinction Pinolere 2017 – Cured Goat Cheese

– Silver Agrocanarias 2019 – Gofio Old Goat Cheese

– Gold Agrocanarias 2018 – Gofio Cured Goat Cheese

– Gold Agrocanarias 2017 – Semi-cured Cheese Gofio

– Bronze Pinolere 2017 – Cured Cheese Mixture

– Gold Pinolere 2016 – Semi-cured Goat Cheese Gofio

– Gold Pinolere 2016 – Natural Cured Goat Cheese

– Bronze Pinolere 2015 – Fresh Goat Cheese

– Gold Pinolere 2015 – Goat Cheese Añejo Gofio

– Gold Pinolere 2015 – Smoked Fresh Goat Cheese

– Best Tenerife Cheese 2014 – Goat Cheese Añejo

– Gold Pinolere 2014 – Goat Cheese Añejo Gofio

– Bronze Pinolere 2013 – Semi-cured Goat Cheese Gofio

Business Awards

– Abinque Award 2017

– Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas (2015).

– European Quality Product R.U.P. (2013)


We have surprised the most refined palates across several continents while receiving, over the past nine years, 46 international awards, 24 of which have been awarded in the prestigious World Cheese Awards competition.

The quality of our cheeses, certified by the Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria, has made Montesdeoca products a reference of insular scope. Proof of this are our awards to the “Best Cheese of Tenerife” granted in 2014, 2018 and 2019 by the Tenerife Contest Cheese Competition. In 2015 we had the honour of receiving the Tenerife Rural Prize for “Innovative and Sustainable Business Initiative in the Rural Environment”. This business distinction would be followed by five others awarded by the City Council of Los Llanos de Aridane, the City Council of Adeje, the Cultural Association Pinolere, the Cabildo de Tenerife and the Government of the Canary Islands.

The humbleness of daily effort, the commitment with quality and the eagerness to improve continuously has taken Montesdeoca Artisan Cheese Factory to be awarded in the last nine editions of the contest World Cheese Awards since its first participation in 2010.

Therefore, Montesdeoca is proud to be distinguished as the most internationally awarded cheese factory in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.